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your stationery hit list

hold up. when do i do this?

Not sure when you should be sending everything out? Here’s our handy-dandy timeline.
Remember that every wedding experience is different and if something doesn;t apply to your,
then don’t stress about it too much – and if you’re in a rush, talk to the lala girls!

item timeline handy hints
Engagement Invites Send out 1-2 months before your party Time spread the word and flash your bling, and don’t forget to send our thank you cards after your engagement.
Save The Dates Send out 6-12 months before your wedding day It’s a good idea to include any accommodation information with your Save the Dates, so your guests can get organized.
Wedding Invites Start booking them to be made 4-6 months before your wedding day

Post invites 2-3 months before

We suggest starting your research for ideas, pricing, and suppliers at least 6 months before. Work out how many invites you need: remember, it’s not 1 for every person coming! Don’t forget to allow 5-10 extra invites to be safe.

Allow time for the postie to deliver your amazing invites.

RSVP Date 1-2 months before your big day (even more for destination weddings) 2 months is recommended. It allows you time to chase up RSVP’s and also get any “On The Day” stationery items made.
On The Day Items Not sure what these are? Check out the list on the next page.

Thank You Cards (for the special people)

Book them 1-2 months beforehand, and pick them up 1-2 weeks before the big day. Don’t leave it too late.

Get these all ready to give on the day.

Start he conversation with your supplier when booking in invites. That way you know what it’s going cost, and when you need to completed and collected 2 weeks before your wedding day. Enjoy being the Bride!

Thanking your parents and bridal party is important – give them a card especially for the occasion! Don’t forget we have a card for everyone and everything, including your vow cards, speeches card and the very important “Can’t wait to meet you at the altar card” for you to write a little love note in for your partner to read on the day.

Thank You Cards 1-3 months after your wedding day We know you are going to be so over wedding stuff by now. So we say book in your Thank You Cards at the same time as your other stationery so it’s all sorted and stress-free! And if you need them, we always have pre-printed Thank You packs you can buy.

other bits & bobs to keep in mind

If you’re in need of signs, seals, stickers, labels or even just a pretty card to say thank you to your bridesmaids (or even to ask your friends to be in your briday party!) there is never a wrong time to come in. We’ve got almost everything you need in our little pink shop, and if we don’t, we can certainly make it for you.

And if you’re stuck for wording ideas, head to our website: www.laladesign.com.au
We’ve got a section devoted to invitation, wishing well and RSVP card wording.

still have questions?

The lala girls are ready to answer whatever query you have – unless you’re asking if we like cupcakse. We don’t. We LOVE cupcakes.