Thank you cards are an important element of your wedding stationery – aside from your Invitation there is nothing more important than thanking your guests for attending! We’ve come up with some sample thank-yous for every gift-giving scenario.


Be timely with your thank you notes: you don’t have to do your thank you cards the day after, but most people expect a reply within 2-3 months. If you’ve left it a year, you can sneak in a “One Year Ago” thank you card.
EG: One year ago, we said I do, and we know this is a little late, but we thank you for sharing our special day with us.

Write notes to everyone (even if they didn’t get you a gift): Don’t be that couple, who focused on what gift you got or how much money someone put in the wishing well. Be polite and send a thank you card. It is also nice to send one to your suppliers or vendors. They will get a massive kick out of it, send a little thank you card to any suppliers, vendors who just made your day, even more special or who you connected it.

Include detail in your notes: If you’re thanking the recipient for a gift, make sure you mention the item. But if they gave cash, you don’t need to mention exact monetary amounts. See the template below for help wedding thank you cards for cash gifts.

Ask your stationery designer to have your thank you cards ready, when you pick up your on day items. You can have them all printed with your guest names, thank you message, envelopes addressed and even stamped.