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Print + Cut

We print and cut stationery to order, so you can assemble it yourself. We can also print your guest names and envelope labels. It’s a great way to save money and achieve a polished finish.

We designed this service as a middle ground between the DIY option and the full custom design service.


Our brides told us that they wanted to do “a little bit” but found the printing and cutting side a bit too hard. We understood, and decided to set up our Print + Cut service.

We also believe that the printing, typesetting, fonts used and cutting can make an ordinary “crafty” looking invite, turn into an “oh my god – you made this?” invite.

We still offer the full range of our expertise with this service, and are happy to chat with you; to understand how much you want to do, and where your skill levels are. We spend this time with you because we know you expect your finished stationery to look like the samples in our shop.

For prices or a quote, we need to know:

  • Your design
  • Stock to be used
  • Quantities

To give you a rough guide, we start printing from 60c an A4 sheet, artwork set up is from $45 and cutting from 40c.

The lala design difference…

You will find that we can print onto stock that no other printer can, because we have built our machine and our skill levels especially for the paper and card stock we sell.

With lala design, you can print one sheet or thousands!

If you need to just print, we can do this for you on the spot or within 48 hours. Simply bring your artwork/typesetting in PDF or Jpeg format on a CD or USB, or bring along a printed copy on white paper to photocopy.