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Quote Information

We are always happy for you to contact us or pop into the “pink shop” and discuss your ideas and designs. As each piece of stationery we design is customised to each client, we cannot provide quotes, without knowing exactly what you require. The more information or images you can provide us, the quicker we can give you the correct answers you are looking for.

Before you contact us, here is a list of details we require:

  • Which lala design service you would like us to quote on: DIY (supplies only), Print + Cut or The Works.
  • Finished size of each stationery piece (refer to our paper size guide for help or use a image from our gallery as a example)
  • Finished style and colour of each stationery piece, this includes and extra embellishments, such as ribbon and crystals
  • Quantities for each piece of stationery EG: Wedding Invites x 100, RSVP postcards x 100 etc…
  • Do you want extras? such as Guest names printed & envelope labels

If you are visting us in store, make sure you give yourself a hour or two at least. This gives us time to discuss your ideas, make a sample and provide a written quote. Bring along anything that will show us what your style and inspiration is. And most important, make sure you have had your coffee and food first, it takes brain energy to make this happen!

Our written quotes , contain prices for all 3 services. Our quotes clearly state all materials used, quantities, specifications, drawings and timelines. Lala design quotes are valid for one month from the date issued, and prices and material are subject to changes without notice.

If you would like to re-visit your quote, change the designs, amounts or make it more budget friendly – Just ask! We understand the process, and are more than willing to help you nut it out, and find the happy ending.

Please click here to fill in our Quote/Enquiry Form.