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Gift Wrapping

We wrap anything from cars to diamond rings!

Your special gift will be wrapped in the colour of your choice and finished off with gorgeous ribbon! Prices are charged according to each gift-wrapping job, based on the cost of materials, plus a small fee for labour. Please call for time frames.

Feeling Creative?

We would love to inspire you to wrap gifts beautifully. We are always stocked full with a gorgeous range of gift wrapping paper, boxes and gift bags for packaging, gift tags and cards, and to finish it off – loads and loads of ribbon.

Need A LOT of gift-wrapping stock or a big, urgent job done?

Not a problem, we can organise or gift wrap large amounts for anyone – for any occasion!

Yes, we sell CAR BOWS!
These are available in red, gold or silver.
They are 80cm in the bow size, plus the ribbon tails.

Underneath is a soft magnetic base, that won’t scratch your paint, and they are rain & UV resistant. We do our very best to keep them in stock, please call us on 1300 729 820 to check first. Otherwise, its 2-3 weeks to order them in.  Perfect for the new car gift!

Price: $289 each includes GST

(Sorry, we don’t deliver or post the car bows)

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