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Creative Director, Chatterbox +
Queen of Stationery

Ready to hop offline to get some personalised advice and play with a bunch of different invites in-person? A little one-on-one with Lala is what you’re after!

She totally understands that you have too much to do and may need some expert advice on the best way to do things.

With over 16 years experience in all things wedding-and-events-related, as well as designing and printing, Lala can work with you to create a custom design or get your budget to work hard for you.

She’s here to guide and support you through the process. To make things simple and get you organised because sometimes we all need a little bossy Lala!

And if you can’t meet in person, that’s easy, we can phone, email, skype or send carrier pigeons.


Please select your appointment type between “Business Branding” and “Wedding and Events” options below.

If you don’t live in Perth or can’t make it into the office, we can also make appointments via FaceTime, Skype or WhatsApp.

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