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5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

The greatest compliment you can receive on your wedding day is, “this is the best wedding EVER!” After all, you’ve spent months, possibly years, planning your big day and you deserve a bit of that, ‘yeah, we’re good’ feeling from pulling off the wedding of the year.

There’s always a lot of emphasis on the couple – and there’s nothing wrong with that – but don’t forget those other super-important people attending. We’re talking about the guests – they’re your nearest and dearest, and your best-beloved. It never hurts to show them a little love – after all, your guests will be the ones bragging about your epic wedding for years to come.

So how do you set your wedding apart from the usual boring, run-of-the-mill affairs? You know the ones – you’ve probably been to one of those weddings yourself! The best way to do this is to make it unique and to inject you and your partner’s personality into the proceedings, and, as you are about to find out, it’s not difficult at all.

You don’t have to stick with tradition

We’re definitely way past the point where you have to follow every wedding tradition. Obviously, the legalities need to be followed but at the end of the day a wedding is just a special party. Remember that it’s YOUR day, so don’t be afraid to give it your own personal twist.
Don’t like the traditional Bridal March and want to play a quirky videogame anthem when you walk down the aisle? Want to stroll up to some soulful jazz? Go for it. Don’t do something you hate just because it’s always been done that way. Do what will make you both happy.

Want a coloured dress? Then rock out in glorious colour! A white wedding dress isn’t a must have, and you’ll still feel drop-dead gorgeous in that beautiful shade of blue/green/pink/gold/silver you’ve been dreaming about for years.

Hate cake but love lolly buffets? Go for it – a selection of lollies in glass jars and vases is a beautiful thing to behold – especially if the lollies are in your wedding colours!

Terrified by the traditional first dance? Then scrap it – you don’t need to be scared on your wedding day! Want to do something different? Take a cue from one of our girls – her close friends opened up their picnic-y, old-fashioned fun wedding with a bridal egg-and-spoon race!

You have the absolute freedom to do what you want. If you want a bouncing castle or a Guitar Hero face-off, then go for it. Break from the norm and make it memorable!

Keep it real, yo’

Now, with the above being said about making it different – make sure those differences are there because you and your partner love them. The ideas you come up with don’t need to be complicated or costly, just creative.

Guests know and love you, and if you’re having, say, a pro-wrestling match as a dinner floor show during the wedding but you HATE wrestling, they’ll know it’s not authentic or personal, and your big day won’t seem so grand. Make sure your personalities and your likes, loves or hobbies shine through – don’t try and be anyone other than yourselves. You’re going to have a bit of stress as it is, so why add to it by doing something that you’re not 100% comfortable or happy with doing on a regular basis?

And if you’re still nervous about doing this all by yourself, remember; there are some amazing planning and stylist services to be found. We love both Mardie & Co and Amy Molloy, not only for how good they are, not only for how sweet they are, but because they live and breathe their mission statements:  “We love a challenge. There’s nothing that we can’t do with care, love and style”. How can you go wrong with that?

Photo booth/Hashtagged Weddings

People love photos. People love taking photos. Selfies are evidence of that! So how about setting up a wedding-specific social media tag for guests to post pics to on the big day for people to upload their images to?

Having a photo booth at the wedding gives your guests a chance to let loose and the end results are downright joyful – not to mention you’ll both get lots of warm fuzzy feelings in years to come when you look back at the photos your crew took while you two were busy doing the rounds.

To quote one of our regular clients (the amazing Peter from Spoilt Weddings): “Photo booths not only take the entertainment level a reception to new level, but they also give your guests a fun and unique memento of your special day.”

Don’t cut corners!

As previously mentioned, your wedding is a big party – and like any party, there are some basic essentials you need to cover – those are food, booze and good dancing music. Remember, as host, you do have a bit of a duty to make sure your loved ones are well fed and hydrated; and if anything else, bad food will always be remembered no matter what else happens. Take your time in choosing caterers, menus, drinks or DJs – you’ve got to be happy with the quality first and foremost! Make sure there’s substance to back up the awesomeness that is your wedding – after all, you’ve got to dance, eat and drink too, so might as well love what you’ve booked and paid for!

Be creative with your invitations

Don’t underestimate the effect a creative wedding invitation can have. Your invite says a lot more than when and where it will be – it’s a great opportunity to create a sense of anticipation. Your invitations also give your guests a sneak peek of what to expect.

Your invite should not only reflect who you are as a couple but also give guests a glimpse of the big day. Get people excited about attending your wedding with a great wedding invitation – and remember, your friendly neighbourhood lala girls are always ready to help you whip up a gorgeous custom design to fit whatever theme or style you want.

Need a bit of inspiration? Head over to our Pinterest pages for some ideas!

See? It’s not that hard to make your wedding a smashing success – and if you’ve got some ideas (especially for your invitations) you’re always welcome to pop in and have a chat.